Your Amazing Newborn


Today we had another birth at the center. Each birth I witness, I marvel at the strength of the mother and amazing presence of the new baby. For too long our society has disregarded the baby’s experience of birth. It has become common knowledge that a mother’s well-being and level of stress in pregnancy affects her baby’s developement, but many people still question the idea that the same is true with birth. Recently, negative media images have even tried to portray a woman seeking a natural birth experience as being “vain” or “trendy”.

However, parents who seek an unmedicated and low intervention birth know the value and impact it can have on their baby. They know it is not just about the woman’s comfort and experience. They recognize the importance of those very first moments with their baby during and after delivery. When you witness a newborn open her eyes for the first time to look up to her mother in complete awareness and without interruption, you can’t help but know it too.

Now, with more and more research in perinatal psychology, we are learning that these very first experiences of life outside of the womb may have more importance than we ever imagined. I am amazed to read the science that proves what my heart already knows about the importance of these events. Check out this interview with local early parenting coach, Carrie Contey   and renowned author Joseph Chilton Pierce too for more.

At CentreVida Birth Center we incorporate practices to foster a peaceful and enjoyable experience for the baby including:

  • Allowing parents to help in “catching” their baby if they desire
  • Very gentle “handling” of baby during delivery
  • Immediate skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby after delivery
  • Delayed cord clamping and un-rushed third stage
  • Low lights, soft voices and minimal activity immediately following delivery
  • Absolutely no separation of baby from parents arms throughout postpartum time
  • All assessments and exams of baby done in mom’s arms or with baby next to mom in bed
  • Leboyer method type bath after birth for mom and baby together with low lights

The science is proving it’s not just a cooky notion..

A peaceful earth begins with Birth!


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  1. maplesyrup21 said,

    October 23, 2009 at 4:48 am

    interesting post !

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