Doctors write in support of Midwifery

A few links to great articles from Doctors regarding Midwifery..


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  1. Cindy Hailey said,

    November 5, 2009 at 1:15 pm

    Hello! I reached your blog via a FB post by Jeana Hansen. (You are doing what I would LOVE to do, by the way!)
    I write small info articles for…I am the “Norfolk (Hampton Roads) Grandparenting Examiner”. I am allowed to place links on my page and plan to link to CentreVida Birth Center. Although some may not think it’s relevant to grandparenting, I think understanding midwifery is very important for grandparents or soon-to-be grandparents who have children choosing this alternative. It seems to me, the more support an expectant mother has, the better.
    Thanks for writing a common sense post. I will gladly help you get your message out.
    Cindy Hailey
    Norfolk Grandparenting Examiner,

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